Shanley Building

An Op-Ed by Michael Allen on the proposed demolition of the Shanley Building (December 24, 2019)

Shanley Building

The Shanley Building, built in 1935, was the first International Style building in St. Louis and the central Midwest. Commissioned by orthodontist Leo M. Shanley and designed by St. Louis architect Harris Armstrong, the Shanley building received wide recognition within the first few years including a silver medal at the Exposition International des Artes et des Techniques in Paris in 1937. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. After eighty years, the Shanley Building is at-risk due to the proposed development of a condominium tower and high-rise hotel. The nominators hope that listing the Shanley Building on the Places in Peril list will encourage the owners and developers to preserve the building and incorporate it into their design plans for the site.

Help preserve the Shanley Building by contacting the City of Clayton who is reviewing the proposed development project.

City of Clayton
10 N. Bemiston
Clayton, MO 63105

Michelle Harris, Mayor

Susan M. Istenes, AICP
Planning & Zoning Department Director

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