Frequently Asked Questions

The Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation, (Missouri Preservation) is Missouri’s only statewide, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and coordinating historic preservation activities throughout the State.

Not to be confused with:
The Missouri State Historic Preservation Office is the official state agency in partnership with the U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Park Service and local governments, and is responsible for carrying out the mandates of the National Historic Preservation Act. More information on the SHPO can be found by visiting their website.

How do I get my property listed as a historic place?

The listing that folks usually are referring to is the National Register of Historic Places.
We recommend reading through the resources on the page linked above, and if you have additional questions on the National Register process, to reach out to the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office.

There are some recognition programs at county or local level. These programs vary so you will need to contact these entitys directly for more information on their guidelines.

My building is listed as a historic property, does that mean I’m not allowed to make alterations?

Under Federal Law, the listing of a property on the National Register of Historic Places puts no restrictions on what a non-federal owner may do with their property up to and including destruction, unless the property is involved in a project that receives Federal assistance, usually funding or licensing/permitting.
There may be local preservation laws that a property owner should be aware of before they undertake a project with a historic property.

Is there money to help me fix my historic building?

Grants for historic preservation efforts are scarce and generally reserved for very specific properties/circumstances. More information on different types of funding can be found on our Historic Preservation Funding page. The best resource for most property owners in Missouri is the state and federal historic tax credit program. More information on those programs can be found here.

Can Missouri Preservation stop a developer from demolishing a building in my community?

As a non-profit organization, Missouri Preservation does not have the legal capacity to stop demolitions from occuring. The best power available to historic resources and their preservation comes from the local government and historic preservation ordinances. However, with the proper information provided, we are available to write letters of support for historic properties that may face the wrecking ball and share information on any campgains related to saving a historic building.

Can Missouri Preservation help me rehab my property?

As a small non-profit, Missouri Preservation does not have the capacity to provide physical preservation assistance at this time. We recommend perusing our Preservation Resource Directory for potential assistance as well as reading through some of the other resources available on our website regarding the technical side of preservation.