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We understand that not every preservationist has a college degree, not every contractor knows the ins and outs of the Secretary of Interior Standards for Historic Rehabilitation, and not all people know where to begin when they buy a historic property.

While we are a small staff of two, Missouri Preservation knows a lot of people and resources! Check out the links below and if you can’t find what you need, give us a call!

Preservation Resource Directory

Our Preservation Resource Directory  is a small list of contractors, preservation specialists, accountants and other preservation related businesses that might assist you in your next project!

Historic Building Resources

The National Park Service has compiled a large catalog of technical preservation information over the years. These topics range from proper ways to restore historic wood windows, to cleaning historic brick.

The National Register of Historic Places is an important step to ensuring the historic places that matter to our nation (and state’s) history are not forgotten. Although listing on the national register does not offer immunity to a historic building, it does open the door for preservation-related funding.

Funding can be somewhat difficult to obtain for your historic preservation project, so we’ve put together a list of some of the resources you can look into!

The Secretary of Interior Standards are guidelines for the treatment of historic structures. Anyone working with the historic preservation tax credit will need to be familiar with these standards.

Easements are a good way to ensure a historic building is cared for.

Starting research on a historic property may be difficult. We’ve brought together some resources to help you start!

We receive calls for support every day! While our services are generally free, our ability to assist is directly linked to the support we receive from our members. Please become a member and help us continue the ability to provide assistance.