Education & Advocacy Resources

Part of saving our historic buildings is the ability to effectively convey their importance to others.


Audiences must care about a resource before they value the preservation of the resource.

National Park Service, Tenets of Interpretation

Keeping it simple, interpretation is the act of conveying the “So What?” of a resource. Why is this place important? It is defined as communication that is specifically designed to reveal underlying meaning to the visitor through first-hand involvement with an object, a landscape, a natural feature, or a site. Interpretation can be done through a variety of mediums, from people-led activities like tours and demonstrations to solo resources like signage and exhibits.

Interpretive Plans

Interpretive plans provide a roadmap for communicating the “So What”; They help identify the stories to tell and how to communicate those stories.

Example of a historic site:

Example of a historic downtown: Missoula Downtown Heritage Interpretive Plan