de Hodiamont House

de Hodiamont House

The de Hodiamont House was built as a farmhouse in 1829 by Baron Emanuel de Hodiamont, a Belgian Trappist Monk who came to St. Louis in 1803. In 1875 the exterior of the house was altered to the Gothic Revival style it bears today, but the overall footprint of the thick stone walls, center-hall plan was not changed. In 1906 a brick room was added to the rear, but since then no major alterations have occurred. It is one of the earliest known houses in the City of St. Louis and is a rare example of the early Gothic Revival style— both factors earning it City Landmark status in 1972. Currently the de Hodiamont house is suffering from demolition by neglect, and although it has an owner, no work has been done to improve or take care of the property in many years. With the community around the house improving, the nominator hopes this listing will either encourage the owner to take care of the property, find a client for whom to renovate the house for or sell it.

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The owner needs to recognize the deteriorating conditions and address them, find a client to renovate the house for, or sell the property to someone who will preserve it.

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