Williams-Gierth “The Castle” House

Poplar Bluff
Butler County

The Williams-Gierth House was constructed in 1892 and is one of the most elaborate Victorian-era  houses built in Poplar Bluff.  Built in the Shingle style and modified some time before 1938 with its smooth stucco finish, the imposing house at 809 Vine Street features large towers and a turret, earning its local moniker, “The Castle House.”  It is located in one of Poplar Bluff’s oldest residential neighborhoods and is a vital part of the community’s heritage.  There is very strong support within the community to save this great old home, both from the City of Poplar Bluff and the local Historic Preservation Commission.  However, due to neglect, the Williams-Gierth house has fallen into disrepair and the City of Poplar Bluff had no choice but to condemn the property in September of 2010.  In spite of the owner’s good intentions to rehabilitate the property, the cost of repairs and rehabilitation has prevented the owner from making significant upgrades.  While the property is for sale at $28,000.00, the owner has been unable to find a buyer for the home.

Listed in 2011.

Update: As a perk of Missouri Preservation membership, you can list your historic property for sale on our web site. Such was the case with the Williams-Gierth House, (a.k.a. The Castle House). The current owner saw the listing on our web site and purchased the house in late 2011 with the intention to restore this wonderful Victorian. In addition, Darren Bell, a graduate student in Historic Preservation at Southeast Missouri State University has nominated the building to the National Register of Historic Places, which will make it eligible for the state’s Historic Preservation Tax Credit.

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