Oak Grove Mausoleum and Chapel

Oak Grove
St. Louis County

The Oak Grove Mausoleum and Chapel are located within the Oak Grove Cemetery.  The mausoleum was designed by St. Louis Architect and Artist Tom P. Barnett and Sidney Lovell of Chicago.  This Byzantine style domed structure was completed in 1928 and further additions were made in 1932, 1938, 1947, 1957 and 1971.  Today the building is nearly 1/8 mile long and holds nearly 6,500 crypts and hundreds of  niches for both human remains and ashes.  There is a central rotunda.  Its 22k gold leafed dome is fashioned after that of the Pantheon in Paris.  The mausoleum  is furnished with many museum quality sculptures and miles of the world’s finest carrera marble.  Hand wrought bronze gates lead to the many private and semi-private family rooms.  The chapel, completed in 1940, was designed by Sidney Lovell in the Tudor Gothic style.  In addition to the chapel and small collection of niches for cremains, the chapel also contains a crematory in the lower level.  Both the mausoleum and chapel suffer from deferred maintenance and lack of funds for adequate restoration.  Water infiltration has caused severe damage in the mausoleum, with pieces  falling of its marble-clad walls and discoloration of several of the crypts.  There is severe damage to plaster and finishes.  Vandalism has also been a problem, with many copper gutterings and downspouts stolen which is causing further water damage.  It is hoped that by calling attention to the Oak Grove Mausoleum and Chapel  on Missouri Preservation’s Most Endangered Historic Places, this non-profit will be able to raise funds for its restoration.

Listed in 2011 and as a watched property in 2015.

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