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   This directory is intended to help the general public find people with expertise in various aspects of historic preservation, be it planning, design, development, financing, tax credits, National Register nominations or accounting. The directory is made up of major donors to our organization and is intended to recognize these people and companies for their generosity to the cause of historic preservation in Missouri. It is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT of any of the companies or individuals mentioned.

   We strongly urge you to obtain competitive bids and get references from the contractor before the start of any building rehabilitation project.

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Brick, Masonry & Concrete Restoration
Work 401 Hudson Road PO Box 429 Fort Scott Kansas 66701 Work Phone: 800-835-3700 Website: http://www.midcontinental.com/


Mid-Continental Restoration Co., Inc. has been in the masonry restoration business for over 60 years and will give customers a free estimate for a wide range of services. We pride ourselves on working closely with structural engineers and architects to perform the concrete repairs while maintaining focus on the structural integrity and load capacities of each individual structure. MCR is proud to have been in existence for over 60 years. In that period of time we have developed some of the finest craftsmen known to the masonry restoration industry. The New Masonry Division was established in 1995. The primary purpose of this division is to build new masonry projects. This division handles any type of commercial, residential or industrial project, no matter the size. (7/18)

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401 Hudson Road PO Box 429 Fort Scott Kansas 66701