Simmons Stable

Audrain County

A unique local landmark the stable was built by Cyrus F. Clark in 1887.   It is the oldest and largest public stable in the United Stated that was in continuous use as a horse facility.  The Simmons family acquired the stable in 1949.  The trademark of the stable was a large stained glass fanlight above the front door. Many famous trainers such as Tom Bass and John Hook worked in this stable.  In addition many famous horses were trained at this stable including Forest King, Belle Beach, Miss Rex and Thornton’s Star.   The stable is need of stabilization and repair first and would be a candidate for adaptive reuse for the community.  It is one of the last standing remnants of the huge American Saddlebred Horse industry that brought wealthy horse breeders to Mexico from all over the world.

Listed in 2003 and 2004.

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