Robert Alexander Long Mansion “Corinthian Hall”

Kansas City
Jackson County

The Robert Alexander Long Mansion known as Corinthinan Hall was completed in 1910. Architect Henry Ford Hoit designed this 70 room Beaux-Arts palace. Following Long’s death in 1934, Corinthian Hall was deeded by his family to the Kansas City Museum Association and subsequently to the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Years of public use and the lack of adequate maintenance have taken its toll on the estate which was nominated to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Rehabilitation estimates for the mansion and carriage house are upwards of $6 million dollars and with the lack of needed funds and a sound plan for raising the money, rehabilitation costs will continue to escalate, resulting in an uncertain future for this early 20th century landmark.

Listed in 2000

In 2021, Corinthian Hall, now home of the Kansas City Museum, was awarded with a McReynolds Award.

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