Job Opening — Missouri DED

The Missouri Department of Economic Development is hiring a Redevelopment Manager.

“The Redevelopment Manager will lead a team of six and oversee the administration of a several of state programs. These programs target business and community development through various activities, such as historic preservation, sporting related tourism, redevelopment, etc., and a variety of funding mechanisms, including tax credits, state increment tax financing, private activity bonds, and others. The role would be a great fit for someone who has experience working in or with government, especially having used and navigated these programs. Following improvement initiatives over the past several years, this role and team is perfectly positioned for a leader with an eye towards the customer experience, building strong relationships with stakeholders, and continuing to evolve programs and processes.”

The posting closes May 6th and more information can be found here https://mocareers.mo.gov/hiretrue/ce3/job-board/5effe9b2-4b89-494b-ac76-c45e25190768/d481d3fd-313b-4646-8cc1-a6ee862aabe2?jb=true

Missouri Preservation is a stand-alone, 501c3 non-profit organization and is does not have any say or involvement in the hiring process at state offices.