Early Brown Derby Liquor Store

The former village of Galloway and the neighboring Sequiota Park have a rich history thanks to their location along the highway 60/65 corridor, the Frisco-Chadwick Flyer rail line, and as the site of the Ash Grove White Lime Works. Galloway was a company town, its livelihood largely dependent on the quarry and kiln, and as families followed the expanding business operations the village grew to accommodate them. In 1969, Galloway was annexed by the City of Springfield. When the highway was relocated, businesses in the town dwindled. Although Galloway is fortunate enough to have a handful of historic structures, increasing development threatens what remains. By being listed on the 2019 Places in Peril list, concerned citizens hope the local city council will support redevelopment plans and policies which promote preservation and respect the historic integrity of the area. Several of the historic properties are currently for sale and it is hoped they will be purchased by a buyer interested in preserving their history and place in the community.

Help the preservation efforts in Galloway by writing a letter to the Springfield City Council urging them to support plans and policies that encourage preservation and respect the historic character of the area.

840 Boonville Avenue, 4th Floor
Springfield, MO 65802

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