Sk8 Liborius

Saint Louis City

St. Liborius Church, located at 1850 Hogan Street,  was constructed in 1889 for the increasing number of German Catholic immigrants settling in the area of North St. Louis. The St. Liborius Parish District (a three building complex including sanctuary, rectory and convent) was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and is noted as “the first major Catholic church in the area to build in the Gothic style.” Although parish membership dwindled with the declining population, St. Liborius was still able to make an impact on the non-catholic community through the services they offered, and the iconic church building was considered a valuable symbol of the neighborhood. The church closed in 1992 and the complex was briefly used as a homeless shelter for abused women. A little over a decade ago, the church was purchased by a pair with a unique vision for the building’s future. Sk8 Liborius was born. Under the non-profit Liborius Urban Art Studios (LUAS), Sk8 Liborius has a mission to preserve the historic parish complex and utilize it as a skate park, art, music and education center. LUAS launched a fundraising campaign in 2022 known as “Long Live Liborius” and was working towards bringing the building up to code and within ADA-compliance. A massive fire in June 2023 destroyed much of the former sanctuary and rectory, leaving a shell of brick walls. Despite this major setback, LUAS is not giving up and is pursuing all possible avenues to save the building. They have garnered international attention for what is arguably one of the most unique adaptive reuse projects for a historic building and it is hoped that listing the property as a Place in Peril will increase visibility for Sk8 Liborius and their goal to rebuild and continue the mission set out by LUAS. Donations can be made to Sk8 Liborius via their GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-sk8-liborius-rise-from-the-ashes

Sk8 Liborius (former St. Liborius Catholic Church)

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