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What We Do

Missouri Preservation advocates for, educates about and assists with the preservation of our state's unique architectural resources.

We Advocate

Missouri Preservation spends much of it's time focused on advocating for a variety of preservation related topics around the state of Missouri. Our advocacy falls into three primary categories: historic preservation-related policy, recognition of positive preservation practices, and endangered historic resources.

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We Educate

One of Missouri Preservation's key missions is to help educate individuals around the state on the importance of historic preservation, as well as offer continuing education opportunities for those already in the preservation field.

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We Assist

Missouri Preservation assists by pointing you in the right direction! Our website is kept up-to-date with various resources and our Preservation Resource Directory includes other preservation-related professionals and businesses that you might be seeking to help you on your project.

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Preservation Resource Directory

This directory is intended to help the general public find people with expertise in various aspects of historic preservation, be it planning, design, development, financing, tax credits, National Register nominations…Continue readingPreservation Resource Directory

Historic Preservation Funding

We receive calls on a regular basis from people seeking funding for their preservation projects. Missouri Preservation is not able to provide funding for preservation projects at this time but…Continue readingHistoric Preservation Funding

National Register of Historic Places

“The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park…Continue readingNational Register of Historic Places

Guest Authors Topics of Interest

Ozark Stone Architecture on Route 66

Commonly seen along Missouri’s Route 66 are buildings patterned with Ozark stone exteriors – restaurants, cabins, stores, gas stations and houses. Ozark stone buildings are popular on Route 66 for a variety of reasons. Materials were easy to come by and inexpensive to use – particularly in southwestern Missouri where Ozark stone is most plentiful. The eye-catching stonework was a way to attract customers. Architecture was an important part of selling, particularly for businesses along a well-traveled highway such as Route 66. As the road became increasingly busy and populated with roadside businesses, owners sought ways to attract customers – often the building itself provided the appeal. …Continue readingOzark Stone Architecture on Route 66