Old Phillips 66 Gas Station

greenfield, MO
Dade County

While little is known about the early history of this small Phillips 66 Gas Station in Greenfield, its location illustrates that it was once an important establishment in town. This space functioned as a gas station until the 1980s and has since been home to a variety of businesses including the Greenfield Chamber of Commerce, a nail salon, a hot dog stand, and a BBQ joint. The current owners do not wish to see the building demolished but are no longer able to care for the property which has been vacant for about four years. The former gas station requires a new roof and other maintenance. The owners received a letter from the city, requesting that repairs be made or the building torn down. While there is plenty of verbal support from the community, this tiny Greenfield landmark needs a champion to help the current owners restore it to its original glory, retaining what has been – and hopefully will be – a centerpiece in Greenfield for generations to come.

Questions about this property can be directed to Missouri Preservation who can put you in contact with the owners.

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