Odessa Public School Building of 1912

Lafayette County

In 2008 the public school district sought to build a new upper elementary school, move the students from this building and sell it to the City of Odessa.  In order to garner support for the construction of a new school building, a campaign was started to point out the “deplorable” conditions at the existing site.  Although this building is in very good condition and has been maintained very well over the years, some citizens’ perception of the 1912 Odessa Public School Building  is negative because of this campaign, and there are some who advocate for tearing down the former school building.

The City of Odessa took ownership of the property in November 2009.  In February 2010 a citizen committee was appointed by the Board of Aldermen to research structural integrity,  possible uses, renovation costs, and other issues.  The Odessa Area Historical Society has spearheaded the campaign to save this building saying that most citizens would like to save the building if it is determined the building is structurally sound.  Most would like to see it used as a community center that includes City Hall offices, conference rooms, the local museum and Chamber of Commerce offices.

Listed in 2010.

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