Kansas City
Jackson County

The neighborhood we refer to here as “Nelsonhood” includes five houses surrounding the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. They include the Kirkwood Mansion at 4520 Kenwood, as well as other substantial homes at 400, 414, 420, 501-503 and 510 East 45h Street. The Nelson-Atkins Museum is considering expanding its footprint, threatening these historic homes. At the heart of the city’s cultural district, Nelsonhood encompasses some of the city’s quintessential Parks and Boulevards neighborhoods including Southmoreland and Rockhill. The Nelson’s announcement of a conceptual Cultural Arts District plan in June 2014 included the demolition of these four large, architecturally significant homes listed on the Kansas City Historic Register. It is felt that the demolition of these homes would destroy the context of an entire historic neighborhood block. The Nelson-Atkins’s proposal raises concerns once again about institutional expansion that neighborhood residents have repeatedly opposed in the past. It is hoped that by listing here, the Nelson Gallery Foundation will change its expansion plan to one that respects the integrity of the surrounding community.

Listed in 2016.

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