Grand Auglaize Bridge

Brumley, Missouri
Miller County

While known by many names, the Grand Auglaize Bridge is memorable to many as the “swinging” bridge. This 500-foot wired cable suspension bridge spans the Grand Auglaize Creek about 2 miles southwest of the Village of Brumley in Miller County, Missouri. Built in 1930-31, the Grand Auglaize Bridge is one of seven suspension bridges built around Miller County by Joseph A. Dice, a unique bridge builder who did not draw his plans but instead relied on his memory and a ball of twine for measuring. The Grand Auglaize Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2020 for having retained the highest degree of historic integrity among the remaining Dice bridges. For almost 90 years the bridge carried vehicular traffic across its wooden deck between Miller and Camden Counties. It has served as an attraction for visitors to Lake of the Ozarks State Park and is truly unique for the noise made by the wooden planks when driving across the structure.  The bridge has been a focal point in many photos for graduations, proms and weddings – it provides a deep emotional connection for many locals. An inspection by MoDOT in 2021 resulted in the closure of the bridge to both vehicular and foot traffic. Following the bridge’s closure, Miller County performed preliminary engineering inspections to determine the scope of work required to repair the bridge and safely reopen it to the public. The total to fix the bridge and retain its historic integrity was estimated as $650,000 – funding that is not available in Miller County’s budget. Because the bridge is currently closed, no maintenance is being performed and continued deterioration is inevitable. While the bridge’s ultimate fate remains in question, supporters hope that listing the Grand Auglaize Bridge as a Place in Peril will raise awareness and help raise much-needed funds to repair the structure. Supporters have created “Save the Historical Brumley Swinging Bridge,” a not-for-profit organization intended to facilitate advocacy and fundraising efforts for the Grand Auglaize Bridge.

Grand Auglaize Bridge
Photo by Missouri Life Magazine

For more information on how you can help the Grand Auglaize Bridge, visit their website

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  1. This bridge needs to be rehabilitated and reopened to light automobile traffic with a weight limit of perhaps 3 or 4 tons, and not a pedestrian bridge, because of the gawdawful racket the bridge makes when you drive across it. This bridge is both terrifying and awesome.

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