Demarree House

House Springs
Jefferson County

The Cornelius Demaree house today is located near the corner of Main Street and Gravois Road (State Route MM) in House Springs. The building was originally a log structure completed ca. 1837. Mr. Demaree lived on the several acre plot with his family until his death in 1857. By 1860 the property was auctioned off in parcels by Dr. George Smith, who marketed these plots as “The Town of Demaree,” claiming that there were already fifteen buildings in the town. According to probate records at the time, these buildings included the dwelling, a stable, a blacksmith shop, and even several well houses. Eventually the Demaree family disappeared from the area and the town re-named for the local House family, which had reportedly been massacred by Osage Indians, The town then gained its present moniker of House Springs. Over the years the Demaree house it has been expanded from pioneer cabin to a two story center hall “I-House” with a columned two-story gallery extending the entire length of the house’s principal façade. This house is important in the history and settlement of this area in Jefferson County. It has been empty and neglected for many years. DEMOLISHED IN 2017.

Listed in 2016 and 2017.

Update: The Demaree House was demolished in 2017. The owner tagged and stored the logs but as of the end of 2020, nothing has been done.

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