Charles S. Rannells House “Woodside”

St. Louis County

Built by Charles and Mary Rannells c.1848-1850, this large frame two and a half story Gothic Revival farmhouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Woodside is surely the oldest surviving structure in this St. Louis inner-ring suburb, and was probably constructed using slave labor. Many of its original features remain, with only the porches at this time in danger of collapsing. After an earlier listing on our endangered list (2003 and 2004), the City of Maplewood put a new roof on the building, which has greatly improved its chances of survival. In the meantime, though, new housing has been constructed adjacent to the former farmhouse, encroaching on the large lot that remains here on Bredell Avenue in Maplewood. Representatives of the City of Maplewood have contended that a realistic offer to purchase and restore Woodside has yet to be presented. A non-profit Friends of Woodside group is being formed to “discover, study and preserve the historic property known as Woodside…(with a mission) to promote educational programs, exhibitions and special events to provide the youth of the community as well as the adults an opportunity to better understand this historic property and to provide funding for its preservation.” This friends group ultimately hopes to help the city of Maplewood locate a new owner, and to encourage the City to preserve and protect Woodside until that time.

Listed in 2003, 2004, 2015

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