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MoDOT May Eliminate Some Traffic Generator Signage


We have learned that the Missouri Department of Transportation is considering a plan to get rid of some of what are commonly known as “Traffic Generator” signs for cultural attractions and historic sites in Missouri. Under the current plan, only “super” generators, or sites that garner 1 million visitors or more yearly would be allowed to keep the signage, which is usually brown and white and directs highway travelers to the sites throughout Missouri.

We think that this practice if implemented would be unfair to smaller cultural attractions in our smaller towns, which often times struggle to attract cultural heritage tourists, who generate income for local attractions, stores and restaurants.


Forest Park


Thank you for signing our petition opposing the Missouri Department of Transportation’s changes to it’s “traffic generator” signage in Missouri. Thanks to your efforts, we have collected 491 signatures as of this morning on and forwarded the petition on to the Missouri Highway Commission. In a surprise move, MoDOT announced it is dropping its proposal for now. We are providing a link to the story from the Jefferson City News Tribune.