Places in Peril

The Program:

Instituted as a media campaign in 2000, the program is aimed at calling attention to endangered statewide historic resources threatened by deterioration, lack of maintenance, insufficient funds, imminent demolition and/or inappropriate development. Formerly known as Most Endangered, the program was renamed in 2015 as ‘Places in Peril’. The re-branding came as a means of highlighting the selected public nominated places because becoming the ‘most endangered’ was not a contest. Once the historic resource is gone, it’s gone forever. By publicizing these places we hope to build support towards each property’s eventual preservation.

What can you do to SAVE these Places?

 Spread the word about these properties especially those in need of a new owner. By encouraging the public outreach process we may be able to identify a future owner to save these places.

 If you have creative reuse ideas, a rehabilitation resource or know of a potential buyer, please contact Missouri Preservation’s Director Bill Hart by email or by 314-691-1941.

 Contact your Senator’s office to voice support for maintaining Missouri’s State Historic Tax Credits and support for the reauthorization of the Historic Preservation Fund (H.R. 2817)

-The HPF is used by State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices on activities that support the local heritage, jobs, and economy and only receives a small portion of its authorized amount. Contact or 660-882-5946 to learn more.

Where are they now?

Check out this map of Missouri and see where some of the listed properties are and their current condition.