Sarah Marsom

Heritage Resource Consultant

Columbus, Ohio

With over 10-years of experience working in the cultural resources field, Sarah Marsom has a keen understanding of storytelling and connecting people to the past. She has built a career by empowering the next generation of young preservationists and expanding the historic narrative through hands-on workshops, citywide “takeovers”, tours, and other interpretation strategies. Her Tiny Activist Project has gained international attention thanks to #tinyjanejacobs and #tinyimpei. Sarah was a contributor to the 3rd edition of Historic Preservation, Third Edition: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice, a fundamental text in the historic preservation field. In 2018, Sarah was recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as the recipient of the American Express Aspire Award during the 2018 National Preservation Awards and as an honoree of the inaugural 40 Under 40: People Saving Place’s list.  Her work has been featured in Curbed, Traditional Building Magazine, and the National Parks Service’s LGBTQ America Theme Study, amongst other publications and podcasts.