Keynote Speaker

The Importance of Telling Your Story

with Stacy Grinsfelder, Host of the podcast True Tales from Old Houses and owner of BlakeHillHouse.com

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Preservation needs people. With the number of historic buildings being demolished at an alarming rate, it’s more important than ever to inspire future generations of specialized tradespeople, DIYers, academics, and activists. In this seminar, Stacy Grinsfelder will share anecdotes from her many interviews with people just like you who are helping to grow the preservation community through storytelling and teaching. Stacy will share tips and tricks to tap into your unique experiences and amplify them to advance the movement.

Since 2014, Stacy has been writing the Blake Hill House blog, documenting the restoration and rehabilitation of her historic 1800s home. Stacy is also the producer and host of the podcast True Tales From Old Houses. She launched True Tales From Old Houses in 2018 to connect and share stories with old house lovers and devoted DIYers. The goal of the show is equal parts entertainment and education. Since the launch, Stacy has become a trusted voice in the old house community.

Stacy and her husband Andy have four children. They currently split their time between Blake Hill House in Western New York and Salt Lake City. Stacy is an avid runner, frequent traveler, and enthusiastic extrovert.

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