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This directory is intended to help the general public find people with expertise in various aspects of historic preservation, be it planning, design, development, financing, tax credits, National Register nominations or accounting as well as museums, venues and other preservation or history-related organizations. The directory is made up of major donors to our organization and is intended to recognize these people and companies for their generosity to the cause of historic preservation in Missouri. It is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT of any of the companies or individuals mentioned.

   We strongly urge you to obtain competitive bids and get references from contractors, etc. before the start of any building rehabilitation project.

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Oakland Historic Preservation Commission

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Historic Preservation Commission: The (HPC) consists of five members and 2 alternates who are citizens of the community. They are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen for staggered 3-year terms. The HPC is responsible for identifying homes and or buildings that show distinctive historic, archeological and architectural characteristics to and of the City and promoting the preservation of these properties. (Section 420.010)


City of Oakland
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